About Nic

Nic Vissers is also a BC boy and a totally obsessed gear head. He may be the youngest member of our team, but don’t let his age fool you. Nic is a technical expert when it comes to gear! An avid climber, alpinist and lifelong skier, Nic started climbing indoors at the age of 16. A few months later, he visited Squamish for the first time and was hooked. The summer after highschool he moved into his truck and dedicated himself fully to rock climbing and started working at climbing gyms. He now takes every opportunity he can to get into the mountains. Nic is a great source of climbing beta for all disciplines.

Fun Fact

In 2016, when Nic was climbing at the Waddington Range, two fighter jets flew off the Glacier within 100m of him while he was on a hanging belay at pitch 16 of Tiderman Tower!

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