About Katy

BC born and raised Katy Holm started climbing as a 12 year old girl when her whole family took a guided rock course at Fleming Beach bouldering area in Victoria, BC. From that moment on she knew she needed rock climbing in her life. Katy is an accomplished alpine and rock climber who has gone on many international expeditions. She loves sea kayaking, skiing, and gardening.

Before Climb On, Katy spent 10 years working for Mountain Equipment Co-op and now is the half owner of Climb On. Katy is the mastermind behind finding us the best product mix that our customers love. If you have any hard technical questions about rock climbing equipment, Katy can find you the answer!

These days Katy can be found projecting hard trad lines with her husband Kelly, or teaching her daughter Ruby to climb at the Smoke Bluffs.

Fun Fact

Katy has been the recipient of many alpine grants and gone on many American and international expeditions. If you are a young person wondering how to fund your next adventure, she may have some tips for you!

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