About Ashley

Ashley Green grew up around coastal BC and moved to Squamish as a young adult in 2003. She had no idea what wonders Squamish held! With very little outdoor experience, being introduced to rock climbing was a life changing event. Her second time climbing was at the Smoke Bluffs, where she quickly took to traditional climbing, sport and bouldering a few years later. Old school mentors like Harry Robert Young and Al Douglas showed her the ropes and introduced her to multi-pitch rock climbing.

Ashley loves all the activities Squamish has to offer. She’s an avid backcountry skier and a mountain biker, but her first passion is climbing and she takes any opportunity she can to travel for climbing. Come shoulder season, you usually won’t find her at work, but off on a climbing adventure.

Ashley is an expert climbing shoe fitter, knowledgeable on gear and has a passion for fashion. Ashley loves finding new and colourful climbing apparel for Men and Women to stock at Climb On. She is always on the lookout for unique, functional, culturally significant climbing brands that our customers would love.

Fun Fact

Ashley wasn’t very athletic as a kid and would often cry at softball games and skip gym class if possible. Now she loves all outdoor fun and participates in fitness activities multiple times per week!

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